Photothermal Products

Solar energy medium-high temperature metal straight pipe, is a patented technology product researched and developed by the company. It has won the "United Nations Blue Sky Award" which is the world's most investment-valued leading technology award. ABOSOLAR solar energy medium-high temperature metal straight pipe adopts a variety of new materials and advanced technology, with stable heat absorption film, cold and heat shock resistance, strong impact resistance and high heat collection efficiency. It has been proved of the industry-leading excellent performance in many years of engineering practice.

Household Photovoltaic System Solutions

Household PV is the main utilization form of distributed PV system. Distributed PV power generation refers to the local utilization of electricity generated in the construction of user sites, with the characteristics of "small, scattered, local access, nearby utilization, and surplus electricity access". Household PV station is usually built on the idle roof of the owners, through PV power generation, the roof can directly make economic benefits, so that the roof can help owners to make money. With some features of green energy conservation, fashion and environmental protection , it can be called the "green bank" of the family.

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