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ABOSOLAR New Energy focuses on the field of photovoltaic power generation, focusing on both household and industrial-commercial users, committed to becoming a leader in the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation, making its due contribution to easing the pressure of energy tension and environmental pollution in society, so as to create a new model of sunshine habitation.

Thermal after sales

Abo service system can realize 24-hour comprehensive monitoring of the power station. The grid-connected inverter provides communication devices, and various network transmission modes such as RS485 and Ethernet are adopted for selection. The communication protocol is determined by the buyer and the seller through negotiation.

All operating data and fault records of the inverter can be stored more than a month at least. Customer can view PV power station group of online information operation both in mobile phone and computer in real time to know the parameters of the equipment, operation status, power, power generation, and it has the function of recording and analyzing the power generation information and warning, which greatly reduces the labour charges of the PV power station production operation and equipment maintenance, and improve the ability of remote monitoring and the efficiency of management to make equipment has superior performance, and make PV power stations more intelligent.